Why I Probably Shouldn’t Homeschool

I love homeschooling Bear, but I’m not very disciplined.  Take this morning, for instance.

We had to take the dog in for his regular checkup (all is good!) and just got home about half an hour ago.  Bear walked into the living room and turned the tv on.  Sesame Street!  Hmmm. That’s educational, so why tear him away?

So, I got everyone a snack, and then thought I’d get the classroom ready for a very, very, short class before I have to take him to speech class, where I know they’ll be covering the letter “j” as well, which gives me an excuse to not cover it fully myself.

So I got the classroom all set, and thought I’d see if the song I wanted to sing to start class, was available on Youtube.  It’s not, so then I thought I’d moderate blog comments, which I did, and there was a new commenter, so I thought I’d check out her blog, which I did, and I liked it, and it made me think about writing this post.

So here we are.  We need to leave for speech in ten minutes.  Boo is sitting on the classroom table, writing in Bear’s workbook, on the table, and on the white board with an Expo marker.  Bear is still watching Sesame Street, and the lovely Jesus I had drawn under the J on the whiteboard has all but disappeared under Boo’s scribbles.

And THAT is why I probably shouldn’t homeschool.

2 comments on “Why I Probably Shouldn’t Homeschool
  1. denice says:

    That doesn’t convince me. Who do you think is putting the subject on your heart?

    • stephanie says:

      Thanks for calling me out. I’m not trying to convince anyone, just recognizing my own lack of discipline. Discipline offers an excellent opportunity for personal growth for me. I’m thinking of making it a major focus for Advent.

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