Wednesday Whippets, Two Days Late

My plans to do a Wednesday Whippets every week have completely not come to fruition.  But now I realize: I’m always late, so why should my blog posts timely?

Here goes…

Seven Great Things in the Last Week:

1. My parents celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary yesterday!  In a world where people don’t get married until they’re thirty-something, and where half of marriages end in divorce, couples approaching their 50th anniversary will be growing few and far between.  I am extremely grateful for my parents and the wonderful examples they set for me and my sisters.

My parents, 48 years ago

2. Ray started his new job and LOVES it.  This company takes such amazing care of its employees, we are both experiencing some serious culture shock after his previous employer.

3. Ray’s been on the job for four days and yesterday I opened the mailbox to find an envelope from his new employer, through whose window I could read, “Pay to the order of…”  Knock me over with a feather.  It was his first pay check.  Can we say, “Christmas,” everyone?

4. My illness only lasted a day on Saturday and no one else got it!  (I must note, however, that since this indicates food poisoning, which I had already experienced in the last month or so, I am considering a hunger strike against food poisoning.)

5. I already have my Christmas shopping list almost entirely figured out, with two major items already purchased.  I think we’re gonna have some very happy kids, without breaking the bank!

6. Thanks to Marriott Rewards, Zach’s iPod Touch (from Santa) was FREE!!!!!

7. Last but not least… We experienced no major medical emergencies during our two day period of being uninsured.

Three Things to Pray for:

1. Our country (duh)

2. Isreal

3. For all mommies who, like me, are struggling to find their peace in the midst of insanity.

Shout Outs:

1. To whatever anonymous person cleaned out their stash of Catholic statuettes and images.  I am greatly enjoying two lovely new Marys as well as a small framed Our Lady of Good Counsel.

2. To Denice, Karin, and our silent partner Jen – and all our wonderful girls – for a great Becoming Girls meeting on Monday!

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