Walk in Her Sandals Book Review

A good Bible study makes me giddy, while a good novel sends me deep into the throws of whatever emotions the heroine happens to experience. Combine a great Bible study with a great novel, and you’ve got me hooked, balanced between the knowledge of the Bible story’s happy ending, the heroines’ uncertainty of such, and the wild array of emotions that such turmoil would bring.


Walk in Her Sandals –  Experiencing Christ’s Passion through the Eyes of Womenis that book. Conceived and edited by WINE (Women the New Evangelization) founder Kelly Wahlquist, and written by a long list of notable Catholic authors, it takes the reader through the roller coaster ride of Holy Week in a whole new way. The book combines scriptural meditation and reflection with a fictionalized account of five women living in Jerusalem at the time, utilizing the talents of Biblical fiction author Stephanie Landsem to bring to life Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, his agonizing walk to Calvary, the three days filled with doubt and disappointment as his body lay in the tomb, and the joyous discovery of his resurrection on Easter Sunday.


Walk in Her Sandals was written for women, by women, and explores six gifts of womanhood– the gifts of receptivity, generosity, sensitivity, prayer, maternity, and, finally, the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Each chapter begins with an enlightening lesson on scripture – an opportunity to understand the Biblical account, within it’s historical context, with a glimpse of how events of the Old Testament foretell and illuminate those in the New.

Next, Landsem’s fictionalized account brings the events to life from a whole new perspective – that of the women who witnessed them, including a beautiful and moving account of how Veronica might have experienced wiping the brow of Christ.

On the heels of these emotion-laden stories, the authors look at the gift of womanhood exhibited in that narrative, before reflecting more deeply on the scriptural account and meditating on that scripture through Lectio Divina.

Finally, questions for group discussion invite us to go still further with our small group, before the “Walking in the New Evangelization” portion provides suggestions on how we can use our gifts to bring Christ to others.


If you’d like to take your Lenten journey to the next level, this is an excellent tool to aid you on that path. Read it on your own, or get five to ten of your most faith-filled What if you could have been a witness to the events of the last days of Jesus' life...? What would you have thought and done? How would you have been changed?friends together, and hold a Lenten Bible study. Be sure to invite five to ten of your friends who don’t fully know Christ’s love yet, too.

Never done a Bible study? This is a great place to start. Done two dozen Bible studies? This one won’t disappoint.

It’s an easy read, yet it plunders the depths of the heart. It  engages the imagination, while penetrating the soul.

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