Viva il Papa!

This is the first papal conclave that I’ve really watched.  The election of Benedict XVI occurred so soon after my confirmation into the Church, that it all still seemed very foreign and strange to me… while I knew that it was important, it wasn’t personal yet.

And so I was completely unprepared for the emotions that gripped me today.  Along with Catholics around the world, I’ve been praying for the conclave ever since Pope Emeritus Benedict announced his resignation.  I’ve been waiting anxiously to find out who the new pope would be.  Yet, I never thought…

I never thought I’d sob into a tissue as I saw the replay of white smoke.

Never thought I’d laugh with joy to see the faithful packed into St. Peters Square.

Never thought I’d miss getting my kids from the bus stop but yell to them from a block away, “Hurry!  Hurry!  We have a new pope!  Habemus Papam!”

Never thought I’d spend two hours sitting on the couch, glued to the TV, waiting expectantly to see the face of a man who, up until now, was a complete stranger to me.

And yet I did.  And I am So. Proud. to be. CATHOLIC.

May God Bless Pope Francis.

2 comments on “Viva il Papa!
  1. Cathy bloom says:

    It is awesome, I share your joy and pride. God Bless our new Pope.

    I am teaching the grandkids today about Argentina and the Pope.

  2. Beth Leonard says:

    I could not agree more! I too was absolutely glued to the TV and could not be more proud of the Cardinals who made such a humble decision for our leadership. Now this may be going out on a limb, but I too was very proud of the media coverage I watched (did I really just say that?) as they fully covered the events and attempted to teach other faiths about Catholic customs, values and principles. Finally, a feather in the Catholic cap!

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