Three Weeks In: the School Year

I’ve been trying for two three weeks to write a post about the start to the school year.  They’ve now been in school over three weeks, and here I am, suffering inexplicable writer’s block about a subject that should be easily covered.

Perhaps not so inexplicable, though.  The problem, I’ve realized, is that I want to write about the children’s experiences so far – which are all good – but I also want to write about my feelings – which are very confused, mixed up, and difficult to describe.

So, here I am on the third fourth fifth iteration of this post.  I’ve finally decided that it’s best to separate the two topics – the kids experiences and feelings versus my own, which really are caused entirely by my concerns over the Common Core, rather than anything to do with the school.  So, I’ll start with the easy topic – the kids.

They love their teachers.  They love their friends.  They are getting out of bed easily, and doing their homework without being asked – including sweet little Bear, who doesn’t actually have homework, but thinks that the spare math worksheet the teacher sends home is his homework.  He needs the writing practice, so I’m going with it.  I throw it back in his folder and he’s never any the wiser to the fact that he didn’t really need to do it.

Bear has settled into kindergarten better than I would have expected.  His behavior at school appears to have been impeccable, though these first few weeks have been fraught with many melt downs once he’s in the safety of Mommy Land, where he knows he doesn’t have to keep it all together anymore.

Bonita recounts many funny tales that her teacher has told, and has one favorite student who has had some physical challenges this year, whose progress she loves to share, along with the ways she and her classmates are able to help him navigate the classroom.  The school work is awfully easy for her, and I often wonder if we need to find a more challenging environment.  But, we’ll save that for some future post.

A child who is not typically a fan of school, Dude is probably still just in the honeymoon phase.  So far, we’ve only had two mornings where he’s said that he’s not going to school.  Fortunately, he hasn’t tried to push it very far, though he did miss breakfast one of those mornings.  He now splits his day between two teachers, both of whom seem really fun, (and, yes, I do believe they’re managing to educate in the midst of the fun!) so perhaps the variety and “fun” factor are holding his interest.

As for me… well, I love their teachers, and I love their friends.  I love the family atmosphere and sense of community.  I love the plaque that hangs at the entrance to the school:

 Let it be know to all who enter here
that Jesus is the reason for this school,  
the unseen but ever-present teacher in all its classes,
the model of its faculty,
the inspiration for its staff and students.


Despite all of my dread at a new year starting so soon, and my discontent with the Common Core, I know that we are blessed to be part of such a great parish family and school.  In fact, it reminds me of a blog post I read recently, from Lisa over at Practicing Catholic:  “Lord, it is good that we are here.” (Matt 17:4)

God is great, and He blesses us wherever we are, if only we are open to His blessings.

Lisa – and Peter – got it right.

Lord, it is good that we are here.

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