The Key to the Next Four Years?

As I consider the seemingly disastrous election results, the bottom line is that God gives us each free will. On Tuesday, just over half of America turned their backs on God and voted for death, debt, and defenselessness.  My heart is broken and I can’t even imagine how God must feel.  Christ died for us, and how do we repay him?  We encourage women to kill their unborn babies so that they can live the lives they want.  We force Catholics and other Christians to pay for those murders.  We adopt an attitude toward the poor which tells them that they are helpless, thereby encouraging them to remain dependent on the government.

We put our trust in government, rather than in Christ, who saves us.

However, I believe strongly that God will use this for good, as He always does.  He is now giving each of us an opportunity to make a difference, to stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Each of us has our own talents – gifts given to us by God – and He is now asking that we use those gifts to further His cause.

Father John Hollowell wrote an excellent blog post yesterday, in which he called all of us to be “warrior Catholics.”  I couldn’t agree more.

As I’ve thought and prayed about Tuesday’s election results, I’ve become convinced that, first and foremost, this is the result of a failure to evangelize.  Not a failure to evangelize Protestants or atheists, but a failure to evangelize our own fellow Catholics.

We live in a world of lukewarm Catholics; Catholics who know neither scripture nor the Catechism, and relegate Christ to Sunday mornings.  If they do know scripture, it’s often through Protestant Bible studies, so while their Christianity may be strong, their Catholicism remains lukewarm at best. i.e.They do not understand the Biblical foundations of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Many Protestant churches support abortion and gay marriage, and almost all of them condone contraception, so those Catholics simply subscribe to the teachings they have received through those Protestant studies. (Please note that I am extremely greatful for the wealth of Protestant Bible studies, as it was one such study that set me on fire for God’s Word.)

I don’t know all the answers here, but as I think about what needs to happen in the next four years, I think of those lukewarm Catholics, and I think that, if we can set them on fire with love for Christ, His Word, and His Church, we will see a very different result in 2016.  I believe that, if we teach the Gospel to these lukewarm Catholics, that evangelization will naturally extend to people outside of the Church.

I do believe that we must proceed with caution.  I think that it’s important to have many of the “Church militant” out there, proclaiming the truths of the Church, including confronting the issues of abortion, euthanasia, contraception, and gay marriage.  But I also think that many people tune out the moment they hear someone discussing these topics from a catechetical view.

So, I believe that some “Catholic warriors” will need to take a kinder, gentler approach, a seemingly more round-about approach, with the goal to bring people more fully into the bosom of the Church, that they may open their hearts and minds to the fullness of her Truth.

Regardless of where you fall, I pray that you will join me in this fight for our country.

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  1. Dana Lashley says:

    I think you’re exactly right. There’s a great thing I saw on Facebook recently that talked about how we shouldn’t be as worried about Obama being the president, but we should be more worried about the amount of people who (even after the last 4 years) elected a man like Obama to be president.

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