The Cat’s Away…

The cat being Ray, of course.  Off across the globe, enjoying malted beverages and weinerschnitzels.  The mice have played quite a bit, and I must confess that, while I do miss my DH, a week on my own does have its benefits.  As much as I enjoy our evenings spent relaxing with a glass of wine on the deck, or cuddling on the couch to watch a movie, I find that I am much more project-oriented when he is out of town.  He hasn’t traveled in nearly a year, so it was high time for me to tackle some projects.

OK, OK.  I confess.  The kids have been staying up till ten, and by the time they’re in bed, I have little energy left to do much of anything, but I did get to watch the Twilight movie the other night without having to listen to his opinion of the silliness of the plot or the quality of the acting.  I adored the movie, and am waiting with baited breath to see if maybe, just maaaaayyybe, my hold request will be fulfilled tomorrow so that I can watch the second movie when he gets back.  Is it wrong to pray for such a thing?  😉

Having gotten over my disdain for the pool, I’ve been having a blast swimming with the kids.  I finally jumped in on Monday, and Bear finally overcame his fear of the water.  He realized that he can, indeed, touch the bottom of the pool, and that the floaties really will hold him up.  Bonita is finally jumping into the deep end, and Dude is diving off the diving board.  Boo had already discovered a week or so ago that she could have lots of fun floating in the pool, and watching her kick her tiny little legs madly, trying to get from point A to point B is an absolute stitch (yes, I just said “stitch.”  Can you tell I’ve been spending time with my mom?)

The kids have also been having lots of fun collecting tomato-eating caterpillars off of my tomato plants.  The caterpillars have a comfy home, which is currently on my living room table.  Ray would have a cow, but I’m just happy that they’re not eating my good tomatoes.  Fortunately, the kids have been very responsible about cleaning the cage, as these are some seriously poopy worms.


OK, back to productivity.  Look, I’m posting to my blog!  I have also crossed off many “to-do” items for various volunteer commitments, as well as Arbonne business.   I’ve planted flowers that had languished in plastic pots for weeks.  Today, I reorganized the towel closet, throwing away a mountain of tacky old towels that I had been hanging on to in my depression-era mentality.  The closet looks great!  I’ve started refinishing the hall tree that serves as a space-filler for the powder room, and am excited to be replacing the mirror with a fabric memo board.  (Guests don’t have to look at themselves while they sit on the pot anymore! Yahoo!)  I’m itching to get my hands on the kids toys and just throw, throw, throw stuff away, before tackling some major reorganization of the toy storage.  I’ve got three dressers to paint, and the basement storage room to reorganize as well.

Sooooo, no chance I’m getting this all done before Ray gets home.  Perhaps he can fly back to Germany for a week in August? 🙂

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