The Big Advent Giveaway!

I mentioned a week ago that I would be doing a giveaway soon.  Here it is:

As you know, I am determined to make this a lovely, joyful, spirit-filled Advent season.  I have lots and lots of ideas in mind that I might do, but I’m having a difficult time narrowing it down.  So, I’d like to hear from you.  Please leave a comment to share your suggestions for creating a beautiful Advent season.  You might answer one of these questions:

What are your plans for this Advent season?

What devotional are you going to commit to?

What practices are you going to put in place with your family?

What have you done in the past that worked well?

What did you try that didn’t work so well?

Or you may have something I haven’t even thought of that you’d like to contribute.

Regardless, when you leave your comment, you will be entered into a drawing to win this beautiful Holy Family Figurine.

The winner will be chosen on Saturday, Dec. 1st.

Please tell your friends so that we can have a wonderful sharing of great ideas that will help us all more fully prepare our hearts for Christ this Advent!

**Please note: All comments are moderated and any offensive or irrelevant comments will be removed.**  Another note: I changed this post to correct a spelling error I can’t believe I made.  “When” instead of “win”.  Woops!


13 comments on “The Big Advent Giveaway!
  1. Karin Bell says:

    Dear Stephanie,
    The second half of the question was what I would like to do different or add. I thought of how we are essentially waiting for Christ’s coming and what that really entails. To me its thinking about his many names…Wonderer, counselor, Almighty God, Everlasting Light, Prince of Peace. I think we can prepare our hearts and minds for his arrival by focusing more on peace and quiet in our homes as we think about him being born and placing ourselves there that night so long ago.
    Amen, Sister in Christ. Karin

  2. Jenna Vershay says:

    We are going to set up our Fontanini nativity set in various areas around our living room so that the shepherds have their “field”, the kings are in a “far off land”, and Mary and Joseph are slowly moving towards the stable where the animals are. Every morning during our morning prayers we’ll move Mary & Joseph a little closer to the stable. This way, we can reflect on the pilgrimage journey that they took to prepare for the coming of Jesus. On Christmas Eve, we’ll have the shepherds, sheep, the angel, Mary & Joseph, and the infant Jesus all in the stable. The kings will progressively get closer until Epiphany.

    • Renee Tiehen says:

      As always, Karin, you and Stephanie are tied with being the most creative, faith-filled, faith-living I get to know. I love these ideas. Thanks.
      Jenna, Super neat idea!

  3. Renee Tiehen says:

    I am sure all of you already do this, but this year we are going to make a Jesse tree but (I hope!) to do it daily, not all at once. I have a list of symbols, scriptures, themes or events and the people involved. I hope doing this daily will not only make this season more focused on Jesus for my girls but for me as well. Love and hugs, Renee

  4. Susan Street says:

    Stephanie – so proud of you.This year we have added three new grandchildren to our family. I have made them an advent calendar so they can count down the days to the Lord’s birth.

  5. Katie Nohl says:

    We’re going to try to do the Jesse tree this year…. And we always put out he advent wreath and lift it every Sunday. I’m going to try to read the upcoming weeks Sunday mass readings with the family at dinner every night so we can discuss and think about them durin he week, and hopefully give he kids some things to think about and look forward to at mass!

  6. Kathy says:

    I really liked the idea of adding yarn for each good deed, act of kindness, etc into the manger as we get ready for Jesus, but then also taking one out for each unkind word or action. Something that the kids can really see and perhaps they will think more before they speak and act.

  7. Dana Lashley says:

    As far as advent goes, we don’t do a lot. Partly because I’m the only (adult) Catholic in my family (for now), and partly because we never really acknowledged Advent when I was growing up, except maybe an Advent calendar. I do try to keep Advent alive by taking the baby Jesus from our nativity scene, and wrapping it up. That will be the first gift the kids open on Christmas. We also have an Advent calendar, box, and wreath that Sami made in the Prayers for Preschoolers group. I’m always up for learning and incorporating more. Can’t wait to hear more about the Jesse tree!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Stephanie – Viv and I are reading the Bible together in the evenings. I read and she draws pictures. It has been a brilliant bonding experience. Tonight and leading up to Christmas we’ll read the the story of Jesus’ birth.

    Miss you.

  9. stephanie says:

    And the winner is… Susan!!! Congratulations! I will get your beautiful Holy Family figurine in the mail ASAP!

    The winner was drawn in a super-double blind drawing, since the person picking the name from the basket both couldn’t see the contents and can’t read, even if he could!

    Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful thoughts. I really enjoyed learning more about how everyone recognizes the Advent season in their own way. I honestly think I’m incorporating something from each and every one of you into these next three weeks for my family. I know that it will be a very special time and am looking forward to the closeness it will generate within our family, as well as in our relationships to Christ. I hope it will be extra special for you and yours as well!

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