Thank You, God

I was sick yesterday.  I suspect food poisoning from ceviché I ate Thursday night, but it might have been a 24 hour bug.   Other than making it out of the house for family photos, I spent the bulk of the day in bed.  Thank God it was a Saturday, so I actually had that luxury.

This morning I was lamenting having lost a day of my life, especially since yesterday was a sunny, 70 degree day in November.  Then I took the dog out, and was blessed with one of those most amazing morning sights.  The clouds on the horizon were just beginning to turn orange, pink, and yellow with the sun’s first rising, and the beauty of the bare trees was silhouetted against the lightening sky.    A hand’s width above the trees, a tiny sliver of moon shone bright, with a single star to its right.


It felt as if God was saying to me, “You missed yesterday, but I give you today.”

The only words I had were, “Thank you, God.”

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