A Special Meal for the Feast of Angels

I generally draw a blank when it comes to celebrating the liturgical calendar at home. I certainly can’t rely on my own creativity. The last time I attempted to do so, the best I could do for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary was this:


No one was able to guess the significance, so I’ll spill the beans:

Kale Mary, full of grapes. The gourd is with you.

Totally irreverent, yes. But you have to admit it’s pretty funny. Here’s hoping God has a sense of humor. And Mary. And Jesus. And Joseph.

You don’t think I’d get to heaven only to have Joseph, Protector, come after me for a little kale Mary joke, do you? Eek.

Any who… Thanks be to God, my friend Kristine recently shared the blog, Catholic Cuisine, and I am loving it!

It has lots of great meal ideas for celebrating the liturgical calendar that are simple and do-able. Plus, as long as they taste good, I don’t think Ray will be too terribly annoyed by my Jesus-freakishness.

Since I’m reading St. Therese’s Story of a Soul, I really wanted to observe her feast day on Wednesday. There was a suggestion for Penne Rosa on the website that looked lovely. However, when I went to find the flower-shaped pasta today at Kroger, I had no such luck.

BUT, they did, of course, have angel hair pasta. Yesterday was the feast of St.’s Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, the Archangels, so I thought, What the hay, I can make angel hair pasta with white sauce, and we will celebrate that.

Not completely lacking in creativity, I continued to embellish the creation over the course of making dinner. When the children and I finally sat down for our meal, I had come up with this:


I read the day’s Mass reading to them (Revelation 12:7-12ab), which tells the story of Michael and his angels casting Satan and his minions down to hell. Then I explained that:

  • The angel hair pasta is, of course, for the angels. Dressed in white as angels do, with an alfredo sauce.
  • The tomatoes symbolize the blood of Christ, through which we are saved. (Originally, the tomatoes were to be the demons, but once I read the scripture verse again, I realized that I liked this scheme better. A drizzling of red sauce would have worked better, but, well… I was improvising as I was reading to the kids, plates already set before us, so this had to do.)
  • The chicken nuggets symbolize Satan and his demons – since they’re just a bunch of chickens.
  • And they’re passing the earth (AKA broccoli), on their way to the netherworld.

The Feast of the Guardian Angels is Thursday, and this could easily be modified.  The pasta with alfredo sauce for the angels, which you could wrap around the nuggets, symbolizing each of us, as our guardian angels are always with us and protecting us. Of course, I like the well-balanced meal, so a little broccoli would show that the angels are with us, even here on earth, and you could put grapes – still on the vine – on the plate, reminding us that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, and the guardian angels are working to protect us and support us in our work for Christ!

As for St. Therese’s feast… I’m looking forward to making the crepes for breakfast. I haven’t ironed out dinner, but thought I might do something to demonstrate her “little way.” Some orzo pasta, perhaps, to show how even very little things can add up to so much more? I also plan to challenge the children to do at least one small act of kindness which no one else will ever no about, just for the knowledge that they’ve been pleasing to God.

What are your plans for upcoming liturgical celebrations? Please share in the comments!


2 comments on “A Special Meal for the Feast of Angels
  1. Renee Tikehen says:

    Very nice, Steph. Very nice. Once I get past people complaining about what I make and eating it I might try symbolism. You are certainly a wonderful inspiration and an earthly goal to attain as a step toward Heaven.

  2. Stephanie H says:

    What a treat you are!!!! Kale Mary full of grapes..the gourd is with you. That is great! Yes, I think the Holy Spirit will chuckle. You are so creative…even adding symbolism stories! Keep up the good work. love ya. Missed you at he reunion.

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