Sock Fight!!!!!

We’ve skied on the Kinect, read books, played on the Kindle Fire and XBox, shot hoops in the basement, and watched four episodes of Little House on the Prairie. The girls painted their nails, put on fancy dresses, and adorned themselves in makeup. I’ve done laundry, sorted clothes, changed beds, and dusted areas of the house that rarely see a dust rag. We’ve been snowed in for two days, with one more day on the horizon.  What’s left to do?

Let the sock fight commence!

Similar to a snow ball fight, a sock fight is superior in many ways:

1. A sock fight may occur in the warmth of the house.

2. A sock fight may inspire children to help sort through the giant bag of unmatched socks to find and “ball” pairs.

3. A sock fight does not pose the risk of tightly packed snow balls bruising any faces.

4. A sock fight does not entail icy water dripping down your spine when all that snow gear fails to offer adequate protection.

So Bonita and I put on our war paint (mascara on our cheekbones) and ambushed the boys while they were playing xBox. The pictures are blurry, but I think you can make out the smiles on their faces.

What are you doing to keep the kids busy during these long days stuck inside?







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