Seven Riddles to Nowhere Cover Reveal

Author A.J. Cattapan revealed the cover to her new book, Seven Riddles to Nowhere, last week, and I get to share it with all of you, too! Actually, I was supposed to share it on Wednesday but I was busy having a wee bit of a breakdown over time-consuming medical bills, paperwork, and mountains of unfolded laundry so I’m just now finally getting this out.

Seven Riddles to Nowhere won’t be released until August, but I have already been blessed to read it. This is one great bonus to being an author, I’m learning – getting to read great books before they’re even published. Or, at least I’m hoping they’ll all be as great as Seven Riddles to Nowhere, because it would be extremely awkward if they weren’t.

Here’s the book blurb so you know what it’s all about:

7 riddles. 1 fortune. Way too many competitors.

All seventh grader Kameron Boyd wants to do is keep his little Catholic school from closing. It’s the only school where they’ve made life as a selective mute somewhat bearable. As the school faces financial distress, Kam learns he is one of many potential heirs to a fortune large enough to keep his school open.

With the school’s bully as one of the other potential heirs, Kam and his friends race to solve the riddles first. Their journey takes them through the churches of Chicago to decipher the hidden meanings in artwork all while avoiding the mysterious men following them. But creepy men in trench coats won’t stop them! They’re on a quest–not only to keep the school open, but to help Kam recover his voice.

So, without further ado, here’s the beautiful cover to Seven Riddles to Nowhere (drum roll, please!)

7RiddlestoNowhere2 500x750 (1)
I love this cover because it so beautifully highlights the city of Chicago, and gives a real glimpse at the churches the kids visit during their adventure. If you have a fourth through eighth grader, this will be a great late summer read. I’ll keep you posted on it’s release so you can add it to your “want to read” list!
(P.S. I’m reading A.J. Cattapan’s Angelhood right now! I’ll write a review soon but I can already tell you it should be in your teenager’s summer reading pile!)
A.J. Cattapan is a bestselling author, speaker, and middle school English teacher living in the Chicago area. Her debut young adult novel Angelhood won a Gold Medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction—Religion/Spirituality and an Honorable Mention from Readers’ Favorite Book AwardsShe’s also been a Chicken Soup for the Soul contributor and had numerous short stories and articles published in magazines for teens and children, including Highlights, Pockets, and Hopscotch for GirlsHer next novel, a middle grade mystery titled Seven Riddles to Nowhere, releases in August. You can follow her writing and travel adventures at
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