Seven Quick Takes – Speed Version

I’ve got twenty minutes before I have to leave to pick up the kids.  Can I do it?  Yes, I can.  If you ignore the typos.

— 1 —

Something you may not have known about me:  I was blond until I was five years old.  Then I decided that I wanted my haircut.  Mind you, all indications were that I was still a full-blown blondie.  After my stylist was done with me – giving me one of those totally cool feathered back do’s of the late seventies/early eighties – I walked out of the salon a total brunette.  My mom was accused by many of coloring my hair, but if we would have just waited a few months, we would have seen what was coming.  The good news?  My IQ jumped 80 points in one day.

— 2 —

I do still retain elements of blond, however, and this week has been particularly reminiscent.  Tuesday morning, I made coffee but forgot to add the coffee.  Imagine my delight when I poured hot water into my cup.  Wednesday, I left my purse under the pew after the kids’ Christmas show.  Yesterday I made a special trip to the store to have ingredients for meatloaf but never thought to defrost the hamburger until four o’clock.  Today?  Heaven forbid.  I went to Aldi and forgot to bring my bags.

— 3 —

Book update:  Going nowhere fast.  Nanowrimo was awesome inspiration and now I fear I’ve fizzled a bit.  Whereas I was averaging 1600 words per day, I’ve only managed to write 5211 from Dec. 1st to today.  I am, however, on the last scene – I think.  Unfortunately, the more time I take to actually think through the plot and character development, the more I realize that not knowing where I was going to end up when I started the book led to relationships that are totally “off” from what they should be.  Ergo, major edits in my future.  I’m revising my goals for edits and submission, thinking Feb/March might be more practical.

— 4 —

A couple of Boo’s cute words and phrases for posterity:

Missagongals = McDonalds

Pilaeno = piano

And then there are the pronouns:  “Me is silly!” “Her is at her’s house.” When I correct her “me”, she changes it to “Ine” instead of “I”.  So “Me is hungry” becomes “Ine is hungry.”  I think she’s a bright girl, but she does seem to be a bit slow on the uptake of linguistic subtleties.

— 5 —

Boo may be a mess, but my older two are turning into brilliant writers.  Author Mommy just couldn’t think of anything better to excel at.  Bonita wrote a story that is worthy of publication, if I do say so myself, and The Dude had a comment from his teacher last week, “You have an amazing way with words!” AHHHHHH!  Melt my heart!  He is my son!!!

— 6 —

As long as I’m bragging – Bear will be receiving a Spirit of Christ award in a special ceremony next week.  Not sure which one it will be – either imitating Christ’s service, his wisdom, or his leadership.  I’ll take any of the three.  Or all three, ’cause let’s face it, he really is an amazing kid. 🙂

— 7 —

Favorite Rosary thought for the week: Thinking of the Wedding at Cana.  Fr. Hollowell once told me to meditate on how Christ turned ordinary water into the most amazing wine, and that he could do the same for my marriage (which was struggling at the time).  Last night, I began to think about that in relation to the whole family unit – that Christ can take our ordinary family and make us into something really awesome, if we just open up and receive his grace and miraculous conversion.

OK.  I did it, and for the first time ever I’m posting with no edits.  I’m sure I’ll come back later to fix it up, but for now, I’m off to pick up my babies!  Happy St. Lucy Day!  Go see some lights!

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