Reality Through the Lens of Christ (Why I Blog)

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Just over four years ago, a friend of mine complained over coffee that the Catholic blogosphere seemed to be filled with perfect women – women who somehow managed to have immaculate homes, awesome Pinterest pages, ideal marriages, and near-perfect lives of faith, all while dressing their ten children in beautiful homemade clothes and homeschooling those same children in a manner worthy of admission to Harvard.

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I realized she was right. While I loved the bloggers I followed, they did, indeed, seem pretty close to perfect. Were they really that awesome, or were they only putting their best out there? Where were the “real women”–women I could relate to and learn from through their mistakes and mishaps?

This is more like it

This is more like it

Since neither my friend nor I could find a single “real woman” in the Catholic blogosphere, I decided to step up to the plate. After all, I am one of the most imperfect people I know! So, being “a few beads short of a rosary,”  I created” A Few Beads Short” to give a little dose of reality to the Catholic mommy blogosphere. My goal was to deal with the realities of life – the good, the bad, and the ugly – openly admitting my shortcomings while also looking at those struggles and imperfections through a lens of love, hope, joy, and trust – the lens of Christ.

The beauty is this: God still loves us, even in our imperfections. And we can learn so much in those times when we screw up royally, if only we’re willing to turn a critical eye towards ourselves.

When we look at ourselves and our actions through the lens of Christ’s love, we will inevitably begin to change, become more like Christ and his Mother, turn away from that broad path of destruction, and walk more securely on the narrow path towards life. (cf Matt 7:13-14)

Honestly, these days, there are other reasons why I maintain this small is the gateblog, namely the inevitable need for promotion that comes with authoring a book, and the desire to update those who have helped and prayed for Ray. But my primary motivation is the knowledge that there are other women out there who struggle as I do, and the hope that, through sharing my ups and downs, my lessons learned and the beauty of Christ’s Mercy and love, I will inspire them to look at their lives and actions through the lens of Christ, and that we can walk the narrow path… together.


**In God’s awesome Providence, I’ve discovered that there are many other “real women” blogging out there, and several of them are part of the Sienna Sisters CWBN Blog Hop. Click on over to learn why these women blog!





10 comments on “Reality Through the Lens of Christ (Why I Blog)
  1. Anni H. says:

    I think part of my struggle to maintain my “reality” in my blog is – some things I just *want to write about,* and that I think would be good to display the realness, out of respect to my husband, run it by him. If he doesn’t like my airing dirty laundry, or frustrations, or funny little stories, I defer to his request to not publish.

    I can’t speak for all bloggers, but I wonder if that is why many put on the “everything is fine” mantle. And, that’s also why I try to blog less about my family, and more about how I am being shaped by my experiences, I guess.

    Thank you for allowing us to see behind the blog!

    • stephanie says:

      Anni, thanks so much for your comment. Yes, I agree that “airing the dirty laundry” – especially of our family members is not good practice! I had actually written a long section – which I deleted due to length – about Phil 4:8 and the need to focus on what is good, lovely, and pure. It’s definitely a balancing act, and there are lot of blog posts that never get written because I couldn’t do it without involving another party. I try to touch on the “ugly,” but to do it from an internal standpoint, looking at my knee-jerk responses, rather than those of others, and then to turn to the good, lovely, pure, and true of what God wants for us and how we’re meant to respond.

      We’re each called in our own way, and having those exemplary families out there as guide posts is an important part of our blogosphere!

  2. Emily Davis says:

    I love the realness here. It’s something you and I have in common.
    Struggles and imperfections are things we should learn to treasure… they mold us. Without them, we don’t know our strength. Thank you God!
    Blessings, Dear Stephanie!
    And big hugs,

  3. Ginny says:

    I think sometimes, if we’re not careful, blogging can feel like Facebook – a highlight reel. For my part, I think I end up being too hard on myself!

    So glad to have found your blog. Looking forward to reading more!

    • stephanie says:

      I think most women are too hard on themselves! And, yes, differentiating what’s Facebook material and what’s blog material can be a struggle at times.

  4. Hail Marry says:

    I ADORE your blog name! Clever and witty post! <3

    Kristi & Rachel

  5. Leslie says:

    As someone who struggles with not feeling “Catholic enough” when I read Catholic blogs, I really appreciate your reasons for starting your blog (and love the title!) and look forward to reading more!

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