Quick Takes Friday, Two Days Late

What does it say about my life right now that I’m getting my Friday Quick Takes out two days late?

— 1 —

I would be justified in blaming Justified to justify my procrastination. You see, we got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and thanks to Amazon Prime’s free streaming of hunky Timothy Oliphant, I have been staying up until one or later to watch two to three episodes every night. By the time I finally roll out of bed in the morning, I’ve wasted far too much time to be able to squeeze blogging into the mix. (BTW, if you want to try Amazon Prime yourself, please click on the link to the right. Thanks for your support! Wink!)

— 2 —

I so admire parents who are able to go to bed more than two hours before their children wake up Christmas morning. I’m going to try to do that next year. If you are one of the distinguished few, please tell me: What’s your secret?

— 3 —

I did learn one thing this Christmas. Never drink more than one peppermint martini on Christmas Eve. I don’t believe there’s a worse time for a hangover than Christmas Day, especially when you have young children. Plus, inebriation seriously slows any and all Santa Claus business.

— 4 —

Referring back to Quick Take Number 3 from last week, my boy that I thought grew up a little bit? Uh, no. I was wrong. Christmas night, on our way home from my parents’ house, guess what my little “man” said to us?

“How come you guys didn’t get us anything we wanted for Christmas?”

I’m pretty sure that, if it hadn’t been dark in the car, the steam rising from my head would have been a strong cue for him to drop the subject. Instead, he kept it up, and I have seriously considered donating every. last. toy. to charity or someone who can actually have a little appreciation.

— 5 —

I think the hard part for The Dude is that he’s always comparing himself – and his possessions – to those of others. We grown ups know that this is a recipe for failure and disappointment, but he’s a long way from getting that. He saw his cousins walk into the family Christmas celebration decked from head to toe in brand new Under Armor, toting their personal iPads. We can’t keep up with that, and I can’t say that I would, even if we could. Regardless, when he saw what they got, and compared it to what he got, he came up on the short end, yet again. I do feel sorry for the kid, but I also want to instill values in him that leave material possessions at the very bottom of the list of “what’s important.” So far, we’ve clearly missed the mark.

My poor, neglected children playing with their Rainbow Looms Christmas morning.

My poor, neglected children playing with their Rainbow Looms Christmas morning.

Boo posing with the girls' new frogs.  Don't worry, the boys each got a frog too.

Boo posing with the girls’ new frogs. Don’t worry, the boys each got a frog too.

— 6 —

Moving on… I do hate the fact that my birthday is the day after Christmas, but I’m beginning to realize that perhaps I should be grateful. By the 26th, all I want to do is go crawl in a hole and spend some time alone. My birthday is the one day of the year when I can say, “Honey, don’t bother buying me any presents. All I want is the day off,” then disappear from the house for eight hours with no complaints from either Ray or the children. Starbucks makes it extra wonderful with their free birthday drink. I did a little shopping – for me! – and then spent four hours at Starbucks finally writing that last scene of the book. Best birthday ever!

— 7 —

Favorite Rosary Thought for the Week: At confession last Saturday, my priest had beautiful words for me, exactly the words I needed to hear. He spoke of the invasion of the Holy Spirit… that allowing the Holy Spirit to completely invade our entire being is our ultimate spiritual goal. As I meditated on the Nativity this week, I thought of Joseph knocking on all those doors, and the one inn keeper who finally gave him a place in the stable. I thought that if a king had come knocking on the door, the inn keeper would have kicked people out to give him the best room, and that, in fact, he actually would have just cleared out the entire inn to make room for the king and his entourage. At Christmas, we talk about “making room” in our “inns” for Christ. What we really need to be doing is clearing out all else, to give our “inns” over completely to the King of Kings.

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