After a full month of post-less-ness, you’d think that we’d had a serious illness, or death in the family.  Fortunately, this is not the case.  I think the crux of the matter is that I’ve been staying up late, spending time with Ray.  When the alarm goes off at five thirty, there’s no way I’m getting up.  The good news is that my marriage is in tip-top shape.  The bad news is that my best writing time is early in the morning, so it just hasn’t been happening.

A few other things have contributed to my “post-less-ness”:

Post-less Reason #1: I have become a total bookworm.  Or perhaps I should just cut to the chase and admit that I’m a book addict.  The only way I can seem to control my addiction is to read mediocre books.  I started one of those last weekend.  Hence, this post is actually getting finished. (If you read my post, Re-Orienting, you can now see just how well I accomplished that goal.  I hang my head in shame.)

Post-less Reason #2: I’ve restarted my Arbonne business.  I finally realized that I was pretty stupid to continually complain (if only to myself) that I’m sick of being broke, without doing anything concrete about it.  I’ve tried scrimping, saving, and budgeting.  While it helped, it still didn’t magically put more money in the bank.  One day, I opened my monthly paycheck from a business I haven’t done anything with in four years, and the brick finally hit me that I was blowing off a great opportunity.  So I’m back at it.  If you want to try some really awesome skin care products, just let me know. 🙂 Better yet, if you want to learn how you too can build a business that will still pay you four years after you quit, let me know!

OK.  End of advertisement.

Post-less Reason #3: It’s spring!  I’ve been busy out in the yard: pulling weeds, trimming bushes, splitting grasses, and planting tomatoes, peppers, and a lovely little birch tree that currently stands about two feet tall.  The garden is a real time suck in the spring, but there are few places I’d rather be.


Columbine, me and Ray’s favorite flower, after our two year stint in CO. We planted one, and now have ten. Love it.

Post-less Reason #4: It’s spring!  Wait, didn’t I already say that?  Well, another thing about spring is Little League Baseball, school programs and projects, and a ramping up of volunteer responsibilities.  VBS starts a month from today, we had our first Mary’s Way planning meeting this morning, Becoming Girls wrapped up the year with a bang and we are planning for next year, and my buddy Denice and I have started a new welcoming ministry at the church.  Whew!  Sometimes I think maybe I take too much on.


Dude in his baseball attire. I do love watching baseball. I don’t love watching him take hard hits in the chest. Thanks be to God, he was OK.

It all adds up.  But, I’m doing pretty well at keeping God at the center, my marriage is healthy, my kids are well-fed and well-loved, and my friends (I think) know they can count on me when they need me.  There’s always room for improvement, and with the Spirit’s guidance I will continue on a path of growth, even if I’m taking two steps forward and one step back most of the time.  At least I’m never staying the same!


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