My Rosary Love Affair – Part II

Okay, this is gonna be quick because I get to go to the Celebrate Life dinner tonight and I need to leave in 10 9 minutes.

I realized yesterday that calling this my Rosary “love affair” is probably not accurate, because the term “love affair” sounds like something torrid and fleeting. Obviously, this particular love affair is neither of those!

Instead, it’s long term, and firmly committed. Oh, there are days of my life where I manage to pray a full Rosary, and there have been seasons in the last seven years where I haven’t come anywhere near a daily Rosary. But I keep coming back to it, and I miss it in the days and seasons where I don’t pray it as much.

rosary-1244875-1598x1062Once, when Bear was an infant, I was very concerned about a surgery that he had scheduled the following morning. I went to our parish’s Blessed Sacrament chapel and prayed a Rosary. Once I was done, as I knew I would, I felt a calm reassurance.

But, honestly, that reassurance wasn’t rooted in a knowledge that the surgery would go well and Bear was going to be fine. Instead, it was nestled in the knowledge that, whatever happened, God would bring us through.

I’ve heard of many Rosary miracles. There were priests who prayed the Rosary daily whose home was unscathed after the Hiroshima bombing (I’ll double check that and add a link later!), there was a girl I heard of on the radio who was skyjumping and her parachute didn’t deploy. There happened to be a group of men in a nearby field who saw her falling. They immediately started praying the Rosary, and miraculously, she landed in trees or on some soft surface that left her with only minor cuts and bruises (I’ll see if I can find that one too!)

I heard a woman on the weather channel one time who was hiding with her husband in their basement shower during a tornado. She got her rosary beads out just as she felt the wind beginning to suck them out of the basement. She began praying and the force of the wind instantly let them both go. Their house was destroyed, but they were completely fine.

I’ve never experienced a miracle like any of those, but I don’t need one. I’m perfectly the-heart-of-jesus-1442437content with the changes I can recognize in myself, as my responses to the events of life become a little more Christ- and Mary-like as a result of spending so much time thinking about how they handled situations. I’m content with the peace I feel in the midst of turbulence.

I’m content with knowing that, one day, when I before Christ, he will say, “Yes, I know you,” and I will smile and say, “Oh, my Love, I know you too. Please welcome me in so I may know more.”

I’m sure this post is riddled with typos. Forgive me! But I’m off to celebrate some life!!

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