Love at First Talk of Immunizations

It’s been a long time coming, but I am more than ecstatic to share with you that I have finally (I think!) found the perfect pediatrician for our family.

Yes, it was love at first talk of immunizations.

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You see, we’ve had four pediatricians in the nine years that we’ve had children.  One retired, one had a terrible office manager, one charged us for useless tests, and one had a filthy office.  All of them pushed vaccines, looked down their noses at anything natural, and were in lock step with every government recommendation that exists for children’s “health.”

Am I picky?  Yes.

Am I a little wacko in what I’m looking for?  Yes.  I want a mainstream doctor that practices non-mainstream stuff, like health through nutrition, caution in immunizations, and a general belief that the pharmaceutical reps don’t hold every medical answer known to mankind.

So, after the last doctor, I finally wised up and asked our chiropractor for a recommendation.  It took a few months to get in, but here I am, so excited that I’m actually writing a blog post about it!

Would you believe, when I told her that Bear had experienced a noticeable decrease in eye contact after a shot, she said, “Well, that’s it.  No more shots.”

WHAT???!!!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

No more feeling like the school nurse thinks I’m a total nut job!  (OK, I’m sure she still will, and I probably am, but I do feel slightly vindicated.)

No more having to send in the note to school that says immunizations are against our religious beliefs!  I have a firm no-lying policy, and don’t appreciate the State Board of Health forcing me to break that policy.  However, since this is for the health and wellbeing of my child, I figure this falls under the conscientious objector clause, so no, I’ve never gone to confession over this particular lie.

She also took Bear’s very large and irregularly shaped birth mark more seriously than previous doctors, which makes me happy as it has always seemed worthy of investigation to me.  And she is having us pursue an echocardiogram on the heart murmur which was not noticed until a year and a half ago.  I appreciate her diligent caution, for my own piece of mind, if nothing else.

It’s more than forty five minutes away, so here’s hoping the kids never get sick. But I’m willing to drive for someone who actually asked me if we do pasteurized or raw milk, or not at all, who recognizes nutrition as a means for healing, and who is willing to concede thatsome kids just shouldn’t get shots.

My faith in the medical establishment is slightly restored. HALLELUJAH!

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