Looking Back, Looking Forward

Seeing as how it’s January 5th, I figure it’s time to finalize my One Word for 2014, and to set some goals for the year to come.  This annual exercise would be meaningless, however, if I didn’t take the time to take an honest look back at 2013 to see how I performed.

Honestly, my first instinct was to attribute the word “mediocre” to my 2013 goal performance.  Among other things, I pledged to wake early every day, do an hour of personal reading every day, and become more punctual, most importantly getting to Mass early.  With the exception of Tuesdays, when I wake at 4:20, I’m lucky to be up before six most days, I’m lucky to do an hour of personal development reading in a week, let alone a day, and early to Mass only happens when I’m lectoring or doing Children’s Liturgy.  My One Word was “Self-Discipline,” and I feel that my failure to follow through on these goals is an indication that I still have lots of room for growth in the discipline arena.

However, it occurs to me that I am probably being too hard on myself, as friends often tell me I have a tendency to do.  I do get up at 4:20 every Tuesday, I did finish several personal development books in 2013, and I did, indeed, write 50,000 words of a novel in the month of November, and finish the first draft of that same novel by the end of December.  Come to think of it, I prayed the Impossible Novena for nine months and only missed a handful of days.  Interestingly, in fact, I’ve had two people in the last month tell me that I’m the most self-disciplined person they know. Honestly, I think this is a sad testimony to the state of self-discipline in today’s world, but I also figure that I ought to accept that as evidence that I have grown in discipline in the past year, and stop knocking myself so hard.

Thus, I’m going to accept 2013 as better than mediocre.  Not stellar, but above average, at least, and I’m giving myself a little pat on the back, and offering up some big “thank you’s” to the people without whom I could not have experienced the growth that I did – namely, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as well as the Mother of God, who has graciously led me through this journey, bringing me so much closer to her Son.

All-in-all, it was a pretty good year, even though I wrecked my car on the very last day of the year… the very same day that we finally paid that puppy off.  Can you believe it?  I really can’t. Neither can Ray.  But, c’est la vie.  The good news is, the car is paid off… and I was calling 911 when I backed into that pole, and the fire trucks did make it to the scene of the apartment fire in time to help extract people from the building.

Anywho… time to look forward to 2014.  It could be an interesting year.  Ray’s planning to go back and finish his degree, I’ll be busy editing and submitting my manuscript to publishers, we are talking about a potential change in homes, and much more, I’m sure, that we have no idea is on the horizon for us.

Regardless, I’d like to continue to build on the growth of 2013, and thus I’ve decided on INTENTION as my One Word for 2014.

Thanks to Melanie at www.onlyabreath.com for the great graphic!

Thanks to Melanie at www.onlyabreath.com for the great graphic!

Last year, I finished my One Word 2013 post with:

Self-discipline will leave me living life with intention. And my intention is to

Put first things first

To serve God in all I do

And become the woman he made me to be.

“Athletes exercise self-[discipline] in all things; they do it to receive a perishable wreath,
but we an imperishable one.” 1 Cor 9:25


In 2014, my Intention remains the same, and I look forward to further pursuing the imperishable wreath in the year to come.  I hope you’ll join me on the journey!

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