It’s a Beautiful Day

I don’t know what sets it apart and makes my heart swell with gratitude, but the words that keep swimming in my head are simple:  “It’s a beautiful day.”

Is it because I went to bed at a reasonable hour, and turned my alarm off when it squawked at five a.m.?  I certainly do feel well rested.

Or is it because, while I didn’t wake up to write so very early, I did at least spend time in scripture before the day raced away?

Is it the result of not losing my cool when Bear threw a fit at breakfast?  It is definitely rewarding to prayerfully soldier through those moments, knowing that, for once, you are mothering like Mary would have mothered if her Son had ever actually behaved in such a manner.

Perhaps its because the washing machine is broken, so, while the laundry continues to pile up, it simply cannot be on my list of things to do this morning?

Maybe its because, having gone to bed early as well, the children woke cheerfully this morning?

Or maybe its due to the brightly shining sun, which I was blessed to witness in its rising, and which, despite the chilly 26 degree temperatures, gives the promise of warming through the day?

Regardless… I feel wrapped in God’s goodness, filled with His Spirit, ready to give Him glory and honor and praise.

It’s a beautiful day.

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