Inordinate Attachments

When Lot’s wife glanced back at Sodom, and was turned to a pillar of salt, what do you think was she looking back at?


Was it her house?  Furniture?  Clothes?  Friends? Livestock?  Land?

I remember hearing the story of a saint who was very upset with herself when she realized she had become overly attached to a lovely water pitcher.  At the time I thought, “You lived in a cell with nothing beautiful around you.  Of course you liked that water pitcher!”

Then one day we had company staying with us.  One of our guests woke before I did and used my favorite coffee mug.  When I saw that she was using my mug, I did a double take. That was my mug. I was actually a little bit miffed to see someone else drinking from my mug.  Then I realized that this was my version of the saint and the water pitcher – my “inordinate attachment.”  I made a point of not using the mug for the rest of the week, so that my guest could use it, and praying that I could be generous with all of my possessions. Silly, huh?  Being so attached to a stinkin’ mug.

The Mug in Question

I guess we all have those little things – things that we care about more than we should.  I’ve gotten over the coffee mug (though its still my favorite) but I still see other things in my life that matter to me more than they should.

Whatever Lot’s wife was looking back at, her attachment led to her immediate and dramatic demise.

I’d like to make sure there’s nothing in my life I would look back at.


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