I DID IT!!!!

The toilets may not be clean, and the kids might have skid marks on their underwear, but I’m pretty darn thrilled right now.

I should clarify: The novel’s not actually finished. I’m a “winner” simply by hitting the 50,000 word goal (did I just say simply?). After I clean toilets and do laundry (yes, my hard core friends, I may cave and do a little of this on a Sunday **GASP**.  I figure God wants me to have peace of mind, and I’ll have that when my home and kids are clean again), I think I’ll have the story done in a week.  Then shopping, edits, shopping, edits, gift wrapping, edits, and… you get the idea.  Here’s hoping that I’ll have something ready to submit to publishers by early 2014.

The month of NaNoWriMo, Insanity, and Inspiration has flown by, and I have loved every minute of writing.  Well, every minute that hasn’t been constantly interrupted by “Mommy, I’m hongry!” or “Mommy, I need go potty!” or “Mommy, can I pway on your iPhone?”  It’s been a blessing to feel that I’m following the leading of the spirit, and I have definitely felt the Spirit at work.

Now, to celebrate, I’m going to go pray a Rosary while I walk my poor, neglected dog, who usually gets a walk every night and has had exactly three since the start of the month.  Then, some vino!


2 comments on “I DID IT!!!!
  1. Dana Lashley says:

    Wow!!! That’s awesome!!! Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to read it!!!

  2. Cara Lathrop says:

    Great job Stephanie! You are so talented!

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