Humbled By Generosity, A Free Book to Download

I’ve often heard the term, “I’m humbled by your generosity,” but I’ve never really thought too deeply about what that means.

Is a person humbled by another’s generosity because such charity is greater than what they have been able or willing to give?

Or, is a person humbled by another’s generosity because accepting the charity of another is an act of humility?

In the last twelve days, we have been the recipients of an array of kindness. I find myself humbled by the generosity of others, and I find that both of the above definitions apply.

Deep in the trenches of the most difficult moment of our lives, I must concede that the kindness of others puts any small acts of kindness I might have performed in the past to shame.

And, stripped bare of any pretense, accepting that kindness requires a humility which I had prayed for but never attained. As they say, “be careful what you pray for.”

I took this latter struggle with humility to Mass on Sunday, questioning whether I could and should accept such generosity when I had nothing to offer in return. As usual, the Holy Spirit provided an answer, something that I actually can offer in return.

So, here it is…

Years ago, I felt led to write a children’s book on the Rosary. I’ve shopped it out to a few publishers, but the consensus seemed to be that the market wasn’t great enough, and that there were plenty of children’s Rosary books already published. I accepted that, but still had the nagging feeling that I was meant to do something with the book. I thought about printing copies and giving them to all of the second graders at the school, but didn’t have the money. I considered just emailing it to the teachers, but something held me back.

On Sunday, I realized that the book was being saved for such a time as this – a time IMG_0124.JPGwhen I so desperately want to give back but seem to have nothing to give. Knowing that God will bring good from this experience (Romans 8:28), this appears to be an opportunity for one such good.

So, as an expression of my deep, deep gratitude for all of the kindnesses shown to us, I am posting that book for anyone and everyone to download. All I ask in return is your prayers – prayers for purity in the world, for the suffering of innocent children, for our priests and religious leaders, and, I hope, for Ray’s healing, peace, and comfort.

I confess that it’s rather unfinished. I’ve added pictures for the Joyful Mysteries, to get you through Advent. I’ll add the rest at a later date and re-upload the book, but I wanted to get this out there for anyone who wanted to use it with their children during Advent.

I realize that many of you aren’t Catholic. Please download the book anyways and just read the stories inserted between the Hail Mary’s. As we enter into Advent, the Joyous Mysteries will be very appropriate. Or, forward it to your Catholic friends for their enjoyment.

When you open the file, you’ll notice the colored dots before each Hail Mary. You can make a set of charity beads, following that color scheme. Your kids can move a bead over for each Hail Mary, and use the color coding to know which bead they’re on. I don’t know about you, but I find the interminable question, “Mommy, what bead are we on?” to be a bit of a distraction while we’re praying!

Simply click on the link below, and the book will open in your web browser. Take a look, and if you like it, print it out, bind it, and read it to help you pray with your kids. Or, use it as a tool for yourself to help you learn to pray the Rosary. I pray that it will encourage many to pray this prayer that has been so instrumental in my own life, and which very well may be working a miracle for Ray, even as we speak, thanks be to God!

A Childs Journey Through the Rosary, by Stephanie Engelman


4 comments on “Humbled By Generosity, A Free Book to Download
  1. Laura Shoemaker says:

    You are an amazing woman Stephanie!! I am excited to read your book and thankful for the opportunity to read it!!! I am praying constantly and hope you don’t mind, adding him to St. Gabriel Catholic Church in Connersville player list!!

  2. Stephanie Hanouw says:

    I agree with Laura, you are an awesome child of God. I know He smiles when He thinks of and looks at you. It is great to have an incredible testimony, but it is rather a pain when attaining it!! I am thrilled at the move of God in your life.
    We are praying here for Raymond. May God’s great mercy rest upon him and lift him up into wholeness and strength and a deeper walk with Jesus than he ever thought possible. I love you.
    I’ll see if I can down load your book. : )

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