Healthy Blessings… A Thanksgiving Reflection

I went to the doctor yesterday and received some potentially alarming news.  Fortunately, we caught it in time and I should be able to fight it through diet and supplements.

Unfortunately, on the day before Thanksgiving, I was told I cannot eat meat, white flour, sugar, or dairy products for the next few months.

It’s now been 33.5 hours that I’ve been on my new diet, but who’s counting?  I have stuck to it pretty faithfully, and I must say that this is the first Thanksgiving where I have not spent the bulk of the day feeling bloated and gross while scarfing down yet another piece of pie and wondering,

Why on earth do I do this to myself?”

I didn’t go hungry, but I confess that not partaking of turkey, chicken and noodles, cranberry salad, buttery dinner rolls, sweet potato casserole, and apple pie did rob some of the joy from the day.

Just as I’m not counting the hours of dieting, you can see that I’m also not paying any attention to the yummy foods that I missed out on.  Hopefully, by now you can hear the violin playing in the background, and tears of sympathy are streaming down your cheeks.  Go ahead.  Set your laptop down and go grab the Kleenex.  Woe-is-me. There are starving children in Africa, but I couldn’t eat apple pie today.  Life is rough.

Anywho…  today, I’m thankful for this opportunity to develop my self control.  I am also thankful that never once today did I feel like a complete and total glutton.

And I’m thankful for…

The warm smoothness of my baby’s cheek pressed to mine,

and the sparkle in her eye when she knows she’s made me laugh.

The chilrens’ silly antics that sometimes drive me nuts,

And the moments when even the big kid still wants to cuddle.

The soft cushiness of a hug from my mom,

and the solid strength in a hug from my husband.

The bare winter trees reminding me that beauty exists in simplicity,

and a baby’s tiny fingers and toes, reminding me that God creates amazing complexity.

The moon on a clear night, a harbinger that tomorrow is a new day,

And the glorious colors of the rising sun… life is rarely black and white.

Surrounded by all of God’s many blessings, I remember…

“Even when I walk through the dark valley,

I fear no harm, for you are at my side.”

(Psa 23:4)

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  1. Dana Lashley says:

    Are you okay? Call me if you need to…

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