It’s On… The Gargoyle Code Lenten Book Club

In my post a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the possibility of doing a virtual Lenten book study of the book, The Gargoyle Code, by Fr. Dwight Longenecker. Having received numerous interested responses, I’m excited to say that… It’s on!

gargoyle codeI have read a good portion of the book and love it. If you’ve read The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, this is very much in the same vein, but modernized to speak to the temptations that we experience in today’s world. The book is designed to be read during Lent, beginning on Shrove Tuesday, and consists of one letter between “a Master Tempter and his diabolical trainee” each day – very do-able, even for the busiest of moms.

I’ve created a Facebook group where we can share daily thoughts, insights, and “Aha!” moments. The group is closed, not to exclude anyone, but to give us all a sense of security and comfort that what we share will be kept among the group. I know many people give up Facebook during Lent, but it was simply the best avenue I could identify for the “club,” so I hope that those who are giving FB up will consider creating a new Facebook user ID that will enable them to participate! I also hope to post weekly reflections to the blog, and welcome anyone who would like to guest post, especially since baby will definitely be coming along sometime in the next two weeks!

If you’re interested, please comment here, or send me a Facebook message. I’ve never managed a Facebook group before, and it does appear as though we have to be “friends” in order for me to invite you to the group. But I’m guessing that anyone who wants to participate in the group is someone I’d be happy to call “friend!” 🙂

It’s available for Kindle or in paperback. I know I’m cutting this a bit short, but Amazon’s so fast these days, I had it the day after I placed my order. Regardless, if you don’t get your book in time you can always catch up. It really is an easy read!

Here’s the link to the Kindle version:

And to the good ol’ paperback version:

I’m looking forward to reading the book and interacting with lots of wonderful Christians throughout Lent!

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2 comments on “It’s On… The Gargoyle Code Lenten Book Club
  1. Dana says:

    I recently tried to create a second Facebook account for a different reason, and Facebook won’t let you…unless you have a second phone number, which I don’t. I’m not giving up Facebook this Lent, though, so not an issue for me. Just throwing that out there. Looking forward to it!

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