Does Anyone Else Ever?

Does anyone else ever…

while waiting for their toast to pop up, knife in hand ready to apply the butter, think about sticking that knife into the toaster, just to see what would happen?

Does anyone else ever…

wonder what it would be like to just keep driving straight instead of taking the curve?

Does anyone else ever…

when the house is just a little too crazy, fantasize about becoming a nun? (see, not all of my wonderings are suicidal)

Flying nun 1968

What weird things go through your head?  Or am I really just that crazy?

***Disclaimer: This post is by no means a cry for help or an indication of any suicidal thoughts.  I love life far too much to ever consider taking it away – mine or anyone else’s!  But I really am curious.  Does anyone else ever?

4 comments on “Does Anyone Else Ever?
  1. Dana Lashley says:

    Yes! Especially the nun, one, but yes to all.

  2. Sarah Jones says:

    yes to all, weird thoughts go thru my head, my big one is if something happen to me how would my husband and kids deal with it. I enjoy reading your blog!

    • stephanie says:

      Thanks, Sarah! Yes, I always run to that thought: “What would Ray and the kids do?” Children need their mamas, and husbands their wives! I have to live a good life here so that, if I were to go early, I could get up to heaven and intercede to get Ray married to a really awesome woman who would be a great mother to my kids. Maybe that’s another of my crazy thoughts!?

  3. Renee says:

    Steph, I only stick the knife in the toaster when a large bagel gets stuck and I do sometimes remember to unplug it. I don’t wait for the toast–I pop it back up or unplug the toaster. I’ve never been on that pretty road but the last time I went straight instead of following a curved road I had to get a tow truck to get my car off the previously downed tree I ended up on. Never wanted to be a nun but have often thought a weekend away at a convent would be nearly as wonderful (somedays more wonderful) than a vacation on a tropical resort island. You are too funny to have such silly thoughts on such a gloomy day. Love and hugs to you.

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