Comment Trouble Fixed… I hope!

Thanks a billion to everyone who replied with encouraging words to my previous post, The Realities of Writing, whether via the blog post or Facebook.  I greatly appreciate it and your kind words truly do keep me going!

I heard from several people who attempted to comment, but received an error, and know of another friend who thought she had commented, but I never saw it on my end.  I called a meeting with my Senior Webmaster (AKA, my husband) and we believe we have identified and corrected the problem.  If you have had trouble in the past, if you wouldn’t mind attempting a comment on this post, and seeing if it goes through, I sure would appreciate it! (That was my best Gomer Pyle.)  If you still have trouble, please email me at Stephanie at afewbeadsshort .com.

(For any techies out there, the comment problem was apparently related to the Jet Pack plug in. I wasn’t using it, so I just de-installed it.)

Speaking of Gomer Pyle, a little teaser about my book… two scenes are set at the Mayberry Café in good ol’ Danville, Indiana.  Hmmmmm…. now, what would my young heroine be doing at a restaurant in a podunk town in Indiana?

Don Knotts Jim Nabors Andy Griffith Show 1964

8 comments on “Comment Trouble Fixed… I hope!
  1. Merica says:

    I enjoy your blog

  2. Cara Lathrop says:

    Can’t wait to see you on the top 10 list for books

  3. Janice says:

    Second comment attempt. Reading and loving your blog. Attempting the impossible novena as well!

  4. Cathy bloom says:

    I thought it was just an old grandma not being able to do this new fangled computer thing when I could not comment. Restored my faith in me! ( If this goes through) If you get a chance watch the Pope John Paul II movie on EWTN or record it, this weekend. . It is a wonderful story of his life and the politics of his early life.

    • stephanie says:

      Cathy, you make me laugh, “old grandma”! Not just you and thanks for chiming in. We don’t get EWTN tv, but I think I can watch online. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and I will look for it.

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