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**Are you interested in utilizing A Single Bead in your classroom? Keep reading for a free download, and contact Stephanie for information about bulk discounts available to schools, as well as author visits via Skype (or in the flesh in the Indianapolis area.)**

Stories have the ability to challenge our thinking, inspire our hearts, and broaden our minds. Mindful of this, and knowing that Christ himself taught through parable, more and more Catholic teachers are adding high-quality Catholic fiction to their curricula.

But Catholic fiction is boring, preachy, and all too often poorly written, right? Not always. In fact, the Catholic literary scene is enjoying a growing number of excellent novels that are true to the Magisterium, but also well written and highly entertaining. For a sampling of what that looks like, follow this link for a free download of the first two chapters of Stephanie’s young adult novel, A Single Bead. 

A Single Bead is appropriate for grades 6 and up, and has been utilized as a part of religion, writing, and language arts curricula. Teachers have agreed: “I’ve never seen so many kids engaged in reading!”

Core Catholic values that are addressed over the course of the story in an understated, “non-preachy” way include: faith, the Rosary, the power of prayer, and the role of the Blessed Mother in our lives — just to name a few. Characters also exhibit many virtues and fruits of the Spirit, and the book lends itself well to discussions of death, purgatory, Heaven, and the intercession of the saints.

One teacher utilized a chart similar to this one, fulfilling the state standard for Language Arts: “using textual evidence to support an inference.” At the same time, she was reinforcing the religion module that the class had recently completed, on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. To download the chart for use in your own classroom, simply click on this link: Fruits of the Spirit Chart – A Single Bead

Another teacher had students write the first chapter of the “next book” in the series. The kids’ creativity, and their application of faith values reinforced through reading A Single Bead, was astounding.

Other activities have included creating a family tree to illustrate all of the family members of protagonist Kate’s family, and having students write reviews of the book. A few of those students have even posted their reviews on Amazon!

Again, for a free download of the first two chapters of A Single Bead, simply click here.  If you are a teacher or administrator, and are seriously considering utilizing the book in your school, please use the contact form to contact the author for a complementary review copy, bulk discounts for your school and for information about author visits.

Also, check out for a wide variety of high quality novels written for Catholic teens. All of these are enjoyable and well-written, even while upholding the teachings of the Church and encouraging virtue.

“Without good books… it will be morally impossible to save our souls.” – St. Alphonsus Liguori