Celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

I’m kicking myself for failing to purchase the book I heard about a few months ago that gave ideas for celebrating the liturgical calendar in the home, and as the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary drew near, I tried over the weekend to think of a meal that would mark the celebration.

So here’s the best thing I could come up with, but – while it gave me and Ray a good laugh – it is way too irreverent. Can you guess from the photo what my idea was? I don’t have anything to give away, but I’ll pray a Rosary for the intentions of the first person to accurately guess. ­čśë

I did consider making an edible rosary out of grapes and blueberries, but never made it to the store to purchase supplies. We made pony bead rosaries last year, so I couldn’t see doing that again, and we’ll be making rosary holders at Becoming Girls in two days, so that was out too. Alas, we marked the day by simply placing a statue of the Blessed Mother, with a rosary around her feet, in the center of the kitchen table. Bonita had a rose from her weekend performance, so I put that next to Mary as well. We prayed a decade in the car on the way to school, and the kids prayed a full rosary at school.

Are there moms out there who did better. I’m sure there are! But I’ll celebrate my small successes – and try to find that book so I can do better next time! (Let me know if you have any suggestions, please!)

Another small success: I wrote this post entirely from my phone – a first for me! The app crashed twice on me, but saved all my changes so no biggy!

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