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A Valentine’s Post – Meek but not Milquetoast

One of Bishop Coyne’s New Year’s Resolutions was “To be meek but not milquetoast.” It may seem odd that this is the topic for my Valentine’s Day post.  Bishop Coyne probably intended these words to be applied to our spiritual life – our willingness to be obedient to God and to stand up for what we believe in, in…

Running After Peace

I mentioned in my One Word for 2013 post that my quickly forgotten word for 2012 was “Peace.”  As I’ve thought back on it, I’m astounded at how the Holy Spirit stuck with my word, even when I forgot all about it.  The Spirit, of course, knew how very much I needed it. Many times in 2012…

Late Night Musings

It’s one A.M. and my mind is running at a thousand miles an hour, thinking about the changes that are coming.  It’s starting to sink in that Ray’s new career will impact the whole family, more than the name or figure on the paycheck, the stories brought home, or the number of hours away from home….

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