Bead by Bead


Simplify and deepen children’s prayer of the Rosary with these beautiful books by Stephanie Engelman. The fruit of the author’s own time praying the Rosary with her children, she’s finally provided the solution to the interminable question: “Mommy, what bead are we on?”

Now, parents and teachers can forego that interruption by helping children make their own sets of sacrifice beads or pony bead rosaries to match the color-coded Hail Mary’s in the Bead by Bead books. Simply follow these links to learn how to make sacrifice beads or pony bead rosaries with your own children – just be sure to follow the order of beads used in the book!




Each Hail Mary is followed by one or two sentences which describe, over the course of the ten Hail Mary’s, the event in Christ’s life, thereby keeping children engaged in the stories and helping them to understand what it means to meditate upon the mysteries of the Rosary. Each mystery is further enriched with vibrant works of sacred art.

These books are sure to be a blessing to Catholic families, as children learn to meditate upon the stories of Christ’s life through the prayer of the Rosary!


Bead by Bead: The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary is now available through Amazon. The paperback edition will be available soon!