Big Brother is Watching

I just got an email from our electric company.  I think they believe they are doing me a favor by informing me that I am using more electricity than my “more efficient neighbors”.

Huh.  Really?  You mean my family of six uses more electricity than my empty-nest neighbors?  I’m shocked.

Geez.  You mean, that I, who am home all day, use more electricity than neighbors who go away for ten hours?

I mean, come on!  With whom are they comparing us??

Our “more efficient neighbors” have, on average, two children!

Our “more efficient neighbors” leave the house and go use electricity elsewhere all day long!

I know that the government is probably monitoring my Verizon account.  They may very well be reading my emails, and goodness knows they are well aware of every “contentious” person on Facebook (a label that could surely be applied to me, though I post so infrequently that I’ve probably escaped their notice.).

But somehow this idea that Big Brother is monitoring my electric usage gets to me more than anything.

It gives me the creepy-crawly feeling that, one of these days, Big Brother’s gonna come a-knockin’.

That one of these days he’s gonna tell me to use less – or else.

That one of these days he’s gonna say a person shouldn’t have four kids, because they use too many resources.

I’m not a fan of Big Brother.  I don’t want his hands on my phone records, my emails, my electricity usage, or my tax records.  I certainly don’t want him controlling my children’s education.  I don’t want his drones flying around.  I don’t want his medical care.

Sadly, despite being “pro-choice,” Big Brother doesn’t give us much choice in such matters.

2 comments on “Big Brother is Watching
  1. Cara Lathrop says:

    I hear ya! P.S. Feel free to come use my electricity during the day to “even it out”. 🙂

    • stephanie says:

      Ha! So I’m curious where you stand. Are YOU one of my “efficient neighbors?” Or are there really families out there using entirely LED lights, with superiorly constructed homes that require less AC, writing on stone tablets to avoid the waste of paper or consumption of a PC?

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