Big Bird Doesn’t Need a Hand Out

The eight year olds at school are talking politics.  And guess what?  Word on the street is that if Romney gets elected, Big Bird will die.

First, let’s agree that these kids haven’t been watching the news, reading the Huffington Post (btw, thanks for the image, Huffi), or checking out memes on Reddit.  No, this is coming from the parents.

Way to go, parents.  Way to focus on the big, important issues.  I mean, who cares about which president will lead to the death of more human babies?  If one of them is going to kill Big Bird, that’s the end of the discussion.

But let’s just take the human babies out of the equation, since I know some grown ups are uncomfortable approaching that topic with children.

So here’s what I told my eight and six year olds (after explaining that, first and foremost, we as Catholics must vote for the candidate who upholds the sanctity of life):

“Sweetheart, right now, under President Obama, our country’s debt – money that we don’t have, and owe to someone else – has reached $16 Trillion dollars.  Sixteen trillion.  Can you wrap your head around that?  I can’t.

“Who do you think is going to pay that money back?  It won’t be your father and I, or our generation.  It’s going to be you, and your children, and your grandchildren.

“So, here’s the question.  Do you want to watch Big Bird now, and work until your 90, trying to pay back all of that money?  Or, would you rather do without Big Bird – and some other things that are nice to have, but we can live without – and be able to retire when you’re 62, and enjoy the rest of your life?”

Being an insightful child, Dude responded, “Do without Big Bird.”  It may help that he’s way to cool for Big Bird these days.

“That’s an excellent answer, honey.  But you know what?  PBS has lots of Big Bird and Elmo stuff that they sell to make money, so that show’s not going away.”

“Big Bird can support himself.  He doesn’t need a hand out.”

(for more information on Big Bird and PBS, who gets $450 million annually from the feds and pays only $1.5 Million in licensing for Sesame Street, check out this excellent article from the Washington Examiner.)

One comment on “Big Bird Doesn’t Need a Hand Out
  1. cara lathrop says:

    so true, we are wrapped up in the things that just didn’t matter. Let’s talk about real problems that deficit is havin gon families.

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