Back to School

OK, so clearly I fell off the wagon with my daily posts last week.  Four days in a row ain’t bad, though.  Definitely a personal record, so I’m OK with it.

I confess that I didn’t complete the other goals I had for the week, either.  Honestly, I realized about half way through the week that we had less than a week till school started, and I had to revise my priorities.  I did, however, make some progress, and am looking forward to getting back on track once the kiddo’s are back in school and Boo and I have settled into some sort of a routine.

School.  Ugh.  This time tomorrow morning, I’ll be waking the kids up, prodding them into their uniforms, packing lunches, and throwing breakfast down their throats.  I know excitement will be in the air, and that it will likely be the only day all year that I don’t have to drag the kids out of bed.  In fact, on this single morning, we might beat the tardy bell by more than thirty seconds!

But, underlying all of that, I suspect that I’ll feel a sense of gloom.  The summer was too short.  It seems wrong to send kids back to school when the weather is so gorgeous and they ought to be outside playing.  Reading all of the Catholic Homeschool Mommy blogs (seriously, am I the only Catholic mommy blogger who doesn’t homeschool?) has created this picturesque vision in my mind of what our family would look like if we homeschooled, which I’m sure is quite inaccurate.  Add to that the fact that I fear the direction our schools are taking under Common Core, and saying that “I’m not ready for school to start” would be an understatement bordering on the ridiculous.

And so I’ll continue to pray for wisdom and guidance.  That the Archdiocese will cease abdicating the responsibility for our children’s education that we have entrusted to them.  And that, if they do not, our family will have the wisdom and courage to change directions if that is what God is calling us to do.

And I’ll put on a happy face as I snap the photos, stuff the backpacks, and wish my kids well tomorrow morning.

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