Speaking Engagements

speakinginaction2 Stephanie Engelman is an inspiring Catholic speaker, who gives talks and retreats on faith, prayer, and God’s awesome providence. Her most recent talk and corresponding retreat, “Trust, Pray, Rejoice: God’s Recipe for Peace During Hardship” leads listeners on a journey of faith as they hear the story of Stephanie’s own family’s near-tragedy, and learn key ingredients to achieving peace and even joy in the most difficult of times.


If you would like to ask Stephanie to speak at your upcoming retreat, event, or appear on your radio show, tv show, or podcast, email stephanie @ afewbeadsshort.com.


Upcoming Events

Thursday May 3, 2018 – Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Indianapolis, IN, Mary’s WAY (Women Answering Yes) Dinner –  Stephanie will share her personal stories of the joys – and challenges – of saying “Yes” to God. Online registration available soon.

Saturday May 19th – The Indiana Homeschool Conference, Marian University – Stephanie will speak to the adult audience on the topic “The Power of Fiction to Change Hearts While Teaching Minds,” and deliver a new talk, “This Isn’t Your Mother’s Rosary” to the teen track audience. The second topic will explore the history and miracles of the Rosary, a few of her personal “Rosary miracles”, and why it is the devotion of our times.

Recorded Events (Click on images to watch or listen)

June 8, 2017 – Stephanie appeared on EWTN’s At Home with Jim and Joy. Watch the show here.

Weds. Jan. 25, 2016 – Stephanie appeared on Breadbox Media’s A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras, discussing her favorite scriptures, and how they sustain her through the day. Listen to the recording here.

S Engelman Catholic Speaker and author on EWTN bookmarkAired Sept 9, 2016 – Stephanie appeared on “EWTN On Location” with Doug Keck. She shared the process of writing A Single Bead, and her hopes that it will inspire young people to a deeper life of prayer and connection with Christ and His Mother. (Stephanie’s portion begins at 31:35)

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 1.52.41 PMAired Oct. 11, 2016 – Stephanie’s brief interview with Bonnie Rodgers on Catholic TV during the Catholic Market, during which she shared her inspiration for writing A Single Bead.


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 9.01.38 AMOctober 3, 2016 – Stephanie’s chatted with Danielle Bean on her “Girlfriends” podcast. The topic was, “Are you too busy?”


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.47.45 PMJune 20, 2016 – Stephanie talked with MJ Krauter on Faith in Action (Catholic Radio Indy, 89.1 FM). Stephanie discussed her conversion to the Catholic Church, talked about her book, A Single Bead, and shared her powerful testimony of God’s peace and providence through the most difficult of circumstances. You can listen here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.43.11 PMJune 9, 2016 – Stephanie again appeared on A Seeking Heart with
Allison Gingras on Breadbox Media. Stephanie and Allison discussed her husband’s progress in recovering from neurological damage, God’s awesome Providence, and more. Listen here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 10.35.42 PMFebruary 12, 2016 – Stephanie’s debut radio appearance, speaking with Allison Gingras on A Seeking Heart on Breadbox media about her YA novel, A Single Bead, and how faith strengthened by prayer brought her and her family through their recent trials. Listen here.


“Prepare to be inspired! … This is a DO NOT MISS interview!” – Allison Gingras, Host of A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras on Breadbox Media

“It was prayerful, inspiring, meaningful… I think everyone was enriched.” – Sr. Diane Carollo, S.G.L, Director of Religious Education, St. Luke Parish, Indianapolis

“Stephanie’s presentation really spoke to me and reminded me that I, too, am I like a clay jar, that needs to be filled to the brim.” – Diane Schafer, Director of Spiritual Life and Faith Formation, St. Luke Parish, Indianapolis