A Woman’s Place is Barefoot and…

In the garden, of course!  At least, if that’s where she wants to be at that particular moment.

This morning, that was precisely where I wanted to be.  The older three had a sleepover at Nana and Grandpas, so it was just me and Boo.  Having stayed up until nearly 2, I chose not to set my alarm and let Boo wake me instead.  Unfortunately, I got a little freaked out before going to bed and the shot gun was sleeping in Ray’s spot.


Don’t worry, the shell was not in the chamber!

Anyways, when Boo came to wake me up, she crawled up Ray’s side of the bed and my first reaction was to wig out because I don’t even want her touching that thing.  Happily, after I had put it away, we settled in for a nice cuddle, complete with a reading of No, David!, one of my very favorite books to read to kids her age.

Once we finally stirred and had had breakfast, Boo joined me as I went outside to set the sprinklers.  It was already scorching (I know, terribly inefficient watering), so Boo put her swim suit on and played in the water for a bit.  Never one to sit around, I decided to finish planting the  remainder of the languishing flowers, one of which had been stuck in its plastic pot since Mother’s Day.  A certifiable case of plant abuse, if I do say so myself.

I realized once I’d been at it for about an hour that I was gardening while barefoot.  Is this something other people do?  I already know that I’ve given my neighbors a few good laughs as they often see me gardening in a skirt, but this might be the first time I actually did more than a few minute’s worth of gardening without shoes.  I kinda liked it, I must confess.  Very organic and simple.

The best part was that Boo helped me garden.

She especially loved it when I told her she could just use her hands.  We had such a great morning together.  It was a small taste of what life will be like when the big three start school in a few short weeks, and while I’m terribly sad to see the summer coming to a close, I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with my precious Boo-Bear.

One comment on “A Woman’s Place is Barefoot and…
  1. Beth Leonard says:

    Very sweet! Yes, gardening is productive fun for all ages, but I still hate weeding!

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