7 Quick Takes – The Week in Pictures

It’s been quite a week, and I believe that a pictorial summary is in order. Of course, I love hearing the sound of my own keyboard, and thus I will liberally add commentary.

— 1 —

It may be the only resolution I keep this year, but I am pleased to have already achieved one of my Silly Resolutions.  I did, indeed, have a blast playing with Ray and the kids at the indoor water park.

Ray and the Dude spent most of their time playing football. Not my idea of water park entertainment, but to each his own.

20140109-151824.jpg 20140109-151756.jpgBear thought the baby slide was a bit lame, but it topped Boo’s list of “All Time Fun”.

20140109-152036.jpgFortunately, Bear overcame his fear of the water and learned to love the lazy river.


Bonita loved it all.  Sadly, I couldn’t capture her coming off of the big water slide.  Here she is, posing for the camera, as usual.


— 2 —

Saturday brought us a sick kid.  It’s been a while since the Dude was last sick, and apparently he had forgotten the fine art of hitting the commode.  I’ll spare you those pictures.  Not that I actually took any, but the image is etched in a very dark and scary place in my mind.  On the bright side, his illness spared us from waking at the crack of dawn to drive to his basketball game in Timbuktu.  Even better, Ray and I got to leave the kids with my parents while we went to the IU Michigan game with friends.  IU lost, but we had a great time nonetheless, even if car trouble added an hour to our trip home.

IU v State game

— 3 —

The forecasters had warned us about Sunday. I woke at 7:30 and decided that my only chance at Mass might be the 8:00, since the snow was expected to pick up around 10:00.  I threw some clothes on and made it… a few minutes late.  I’m glad I went, although I do regret that the rest of the family wasn’t able to go with me (Dude was still a wee bit sick, and, anyways, motivating Ray to go to 8:00 Mass has happened… maybe once?).  It was pure [guilty] bliss to enjoy the Mass without children fighting over my lap, asking for Kleenex, or requiring trips to the potty.  I almost decided to just go ahead and stay for the 10:00, as long as I was already there.  Alas, life requires Mama at home, and I had a post-Mass errand to run.


I’m still amazed that Lowe’s had any snow shovels left.

As I write this, Mass and that trip to Lowe’s was the last time I was out of the house.  By the grace of God, I stopped and grabbed Starbuck’s on my way home.  I’m pretty sure that indulgence has carried me through these last five days in the house.

— 4 —

By the time I got home, we were living in a winter wonderland.  Here’s me when I got home from walking the dog – Keyser’s last hoorah before the cold temps hit.


And here’s me and the Dude building a sledding hill in the backyard, with Bear thwarting our efforts – but too cute to get upset with.  I very nearly threw my back out with this activity, but the Dude’s enjoyed the hill enough that it would have been worth it, even if I had.

20140109-160307.jpg 20140109-160318.jpg

— 5 —

 I’m willing to bet that lots of people took pictures like this earlier this week:

weather screen print

But I imagine that far fewer had cause to take pictures like this:



Yes, my friends, that ice is on the inside of our home.  This window was the worst, but nearly every window in our home exhibited some degree of frost.  In the windows’ defense, this was taken at a time when our heater was struggling to keep up and the house was only 63 degrees.  I thought maybe we needed to call the repairman, until we checked the filter… which was black.  The house was back up to our regular 67 degrees within a half hour, and the windows quickly lost their frost.

— 6 —

Here’s a “before” picture of the project I intended to start during these snowed-in days.  I thought, “What better way to clean out the craft closet, than to actually do some crafts with the kids?”  Alas, the closet remains untouched.

One day at a time, one drawer at a time… I will conquer this beast!  Eventually.

— 7 —

Last but not least, Starbucks indulgence aside, I am 100% certain that prayer has brought me through this week “stuck” in the house without ever feeling “stuck” in the house.  Here are sage words to remember when we think, “I could pray right now, but I think I’ll [fill in the blank] instead.


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(Oh, and I’ve gotta add that I just completed a second Silly Resolution!  I finished my 7QT Friday post on Thursday night!  Well… it’s Thursday night in Illinois and westward, at least. Oooooh, this feels good!)















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