7 Quick Takes Friday – Gratitude!

On this day after Thanksgiving, it only seems appropriate to write a 7 Quick Take Post about Gratitude.  The hard part is knowing where to begin…

— 1 —

I’m thankful for… Family, of course!  And not having to drive to spend time with them on Thanksgiving day (though we did miss seeing my in-laws and look forward to their return in the spring!).  In addition to my parents, sisters, and their children, we were also blessed to see some extended family, including my second cousin Scott, who is about to open a bike shop and bar in Chicago (so excited for him!).

— 2 —

I’m thankful for… short lines shopping this morning, which left me with three hours of writing time at Starbucks.  Less than 1400 words to go till I’ve met the Nanowrimo goal, and loving every minute of it!

— 3 —

I’m thankful for… An opportunity to feel like a good mommy.  Ah, so rare.  When the younger children were asked what they were thankful for, Bear said “This food.”  His cousin, sitting next to him, said, “Nuffing.”  (He’s really just very ornery and will always do the opposite of what he knows his mother wants him to do!)  Then Bear said, “God, Jesus, and Mary.”  Sorry to gloat, but – hey – my kid’s got it down.

— 4 —

I’m thankful for… Great family pics.  Got these yesterday, from a photo shoot a few weeks ago.  In the interest of minding our budget this year, we probably won’t be doing Christmas cards, so this might be the only time you see these.

Just us Engelmans:

All of the cousins.  It may be too small to see the details, but let me tell you, these are some good looking kids. And, as an added bonus, they really love each other.

And a little fun and goofiness…


— 5 —

I’m thankful for… The special talents God gives to each one of us, and the blessing of being able to use them to glorify Him.

— 6 —

I’m thankful for… Great books, that entertain while leading me to become a better person.  I’m currently reading Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption, and loving it.

— 7 —

I’m thankful for… Well, Bear said it best.  “Food, God, Jesus, and Mary.”  Though maybe not in that order.

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  1. Dana Lashley says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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