7 Quick Takes Friday – Death, Nicknames, and Sibling Love?

— 1 —

This is my first 7 QT Friday! I’m so excited to be joining the club. Thanks, Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary, for hosting! Her 7 QT post for today is absolute laugh out loud funny, and well worth your time.  Mine really isn’t funny at all, but I hope you’ll still read it!

— 2 —

As proof of my lack of humor, I’ll start off with death.  Did you know that JFK wasn’t the only person to die on this date fifty years ago? CS Lewis died less than an hour before JFK was shot, yet his death was overshadowed by the assassination of the American President. Interesting to think for a moment of the two men – one who wasn’t a Catholic, yet whose writings have brought people to the Church in droves, and another who was a Catholic, whose actions, at times, were so very disparate from Church teaching.

— 3 —

Off of death and onto life… Bonita has been reading the Beverly Cleary books and has aptly renamed Boo, Ramona. Between scribbling on the big kids’ homework and permission slips, taking a single bite from a gazillion different apples, throwing toys all over the living room and then insisting “It was Bear!”, “It was the Dude!,” and,”It was Bonita!”, I believe this name just might stick.

She does bear an uncanny resemblance, does she not?

— 4 —

Speaking of nicknames, did you know mine growing up was Buffy? No, not after The Vampire Slayer. I’m way too old for that. Apparently, there was some TV show that had a little sister character named Buffy who was “a real brat,” and thus my sisters gave the name to me. I believe it still fits, does it not?

— 5 —

Nanowrimo is going swimmingly! Or, it was until yesterday, when an investigative conversation with our associate pastor, Fr. Michael, led me to feel that I have to go back and rewrite the last four days of action. Rewrites will have to wait though. I’m at 31,876 words and counting, which leaves me a little bit behind the goal (I should have been at 35,007 as of last night), but Ray’s been amazingly supportive so I’m confident that, if nothing else, I’ll be able to catch up while he’s home over Thanksgiving break. Darn it, this is a goal I WILL achieve!!!!

— 6 —

A big (slightly bitter) shout out to all of the doctors who gleefully prescribed the pill to me in my pre-Faith days – and continue to do so for millions of women and young girls. Ironically, I was on my way to the eye doctor on Tuesday when I heard Teresa Tomeo talking about a recent study that linked the birth control pill with an increase in the risk of glaucoma, from about 1.86% to just under 4%. OK, 4% is still small, but I like 1.86% better. Add to this the 30% increase in risk for cancer and I think the candy story birth control pill mentality is a real winner for women, don’t you? And, hey, while we’re it, a big “thank you” to President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius for making it free for all women! Not just candy – FREE candy! WOOHOO!!!!!

(While we’re at it, I should share Father Hollowell’s post on the pic below.)

— 7 —

Motherhood has its challenges, and the sibling bickering that’s been going on this family recently has at times pushed me to (and beyond) my limits. Thus, I’d like to memorialize this moment of sibling love, as the Dude and Boo take a break from tickling, teasing, and laughing at each other to pose for the camera. It warms a mama’s heart.

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3 comments on “7 Quick Takes Friday – Death, Nicknames, and Sibling Love?
  1. Sue says:

    Welcome to Quick Takes!
    #4- My older sister and I used to call my younger sister Amy (from Little Women)… she didn’t know who we were referring to, but she knew it didn’t mean anything good. Big sisters are so mean.

  2. #2 is so fascinating — I never knew that!

    Thanks for joining in, and I’m happy to have discovered your blog!

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