7 Quick Takes – Cooking Parties, Fits with Ducks, and a Eucharistic Miracle

— 1 —

So, I’m going to my first ever cooking party tonight. Somehow, I didn’t really think about the invitation’s mention of groceries until this morning, and I missed the Facebook update where the long list of groceries was posted (envision a king’s squire, opening up a scroll, and the paper rolling, rolling, rolling across the floor). I also missed the post listing the prep work required prior to the party. It’s all totally logical – I should have realized that I would need a gob of groceries, and that I would need to do some prep work, and I should have planned ahead… but we’re talking about me here. So I didn’t. I was already planning to hit Aldi this morning, but many of these things Aldi won’t have. I have a lunch date with a girlfriend (researching a location I used in my book but have never actually visited), but I think I can hit Kroger after lunch, grab the kids, fulfill my promises to shop for new shoes and to take them to DQ (’cause I forgot to turn in their money to get DQ at school today), then get home, chop some food, boil some pasta, dry and crumble tofu, cook quinoa, divide all this stuff up according to instructions, make dinner, enjoy a lovely, peaceful and relaxing family meal, and be at my friend’s house at seven, right? While I’m at it, perhaps I’ll aim for cleaning out the oven, giving the kids baths, and doing three loads of laundry too!

— 2 —

I’ve mentioned before that we got a Kindle Fire for Christmas. As I was setting up the children’s profiles on FreeTime, I thought, “Geez, if I’m not careful, I could pretty much let this thing do all my parenting for me.” It will read to the kids, they can play educational (and not-so-educational) games, watch videos… Basically, enough stuff to keep a kid busy for hours on end. Guess what? I haven’t been careful. Boo is totally addicted, and when I suggest, “Oh, honey, let’s play Chutes and Ladders!” or “How about Mommy reads a few books to you?” she adamantly says, “No! I want to pway on da Kindle Fiwuh.” At which time I think about the blog post I’ve been wanting to write, the toilets I need to clean, laundry that needs folded, and edits that need to be finished on my book. And I say, “Well, OK, honey, but just for a little bit.” Two hours later, I feed her lunch and put her down for a nap.

— 3 —

Speaking of book editing, I’m done! It’s now in the hands of a friend and published author who is going to give it a critical review before I submit it to publishers. I’m antsy to get it sent out, and tempted to jump the gun, but I think patience is probably a good exercise in this instance! I enjoyed reading it as I was editing, and even got chills a few times, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

— 4 —

It’s so much fun to see the Spirit at work in my writing. As I read the book, I literally ran into a few passages where I thought, “Holy #@$%. That’s really beautiful. I didn’t write that!” And I did, but I didn’t. Those were the moments where I prayed before, during, and after I wrote, and allowed myself to be open to the Spirit. Those words would never have come from my fingertips without some heavenly help. Writers often speak of their muses. I’m thrilled to say that my muse is entirely the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I get to writing, and forget my muse, and my work’s not that great. But on those days where I rely on Him…

— 5 —

On Tuesday, the kids were off school, and I had to wonder, “Does every mom experience this?” Boo threw an hour long fit over her desire to have me help her use the potty, screaming, jumping up and down, and even punching, pinching, and biting me (she only got my clothing). I had decided to put my foot down because she’s been potty trained for a year and a half and her insistence on me doing everything, including lifting the lid of the toilet, is getting a little ridiculous. While she was screaming, kicking, and hitting, Bonita and her sweet friend came up with an adorable craft idea, made themselves into ducks, and stood at the bathroom door, flapping their wings, waddling, and quacking LOUDLY, so as to be heard over Boo’s fit. The Dude was vacillating between his instinct to yell at Boo for her behavior and his desire to handle the situation peacefully, as he saw Mommy doing (I was singing “Peace is flowing like a River…” to keep myself peaceful while encouraging her to just pee her pants. Yes, it really got to that point!) Bear was trying to get shoes and coat on to leave for a play date. In a word, it was CHAOS. Please tell me other mommies experience this?


— 6 —

Loved this post from Fr. John Hollowell, especially since the Homily to which he refers is the homily that he gave at Boo’s baptism. Surrounded by my wonderful Protestant family, I was so grateful for them to have an opportunity to hear why reception of the Eucharist is limited to Catholics.

Click here to see Fr. Hollowell’s post: Most Controversial Homily?

— 7 —


Speaking of the Eucharist, have you heard about the Eucharistic Miracle that occurred in Argentina, when Pope Francis was Auxiliary Bishop there? I love the fact that science, which leads to so many people questioning the presence of God, has, in this case, been used to provide incontrovertible proof that, not only does God exist, miracles do happen, and Christ, is indeed truly present in the Eucharist!

Click here to read an article on the miracle, which converted the atheist doctor who helped investigate it.

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  1. Dana Lashley says:

    First, congrats on finishing the book editing! I can’t wait to buy one! Second, I don’t know about every mom, but this mom has definitely said “then just pee your pants” on more than one occasion. Third, I had heard about Pope Francis’ Eucharistic miracle, but not the atheist, so thanks for sharing!

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