7 QT Friday – 7 Silly Resolutions

Ever the procrastinator, I haven’t pinned down my real resolutions for 2014. So, here are seven silly ones.

— 1 —

My thumb is healing from yet another knife-cleaning incident, and having cut myself while cleaning knives far too many times in the last year, I resolve to stop cleaning sharp knives.  Let Ray do it, let mold and bacteria fester, or perhaps just start knawing through all of our food with my teeth – I’m just not gonna clean those knives anymore.  (Yes, this is a resolution that’s made to be broken.)

— 2 —

I realized the other day that my closet is almost entirely filled with gray and black.  Whether I’m attending a wedding or Easter Sunday Mass, I always look like I’m in mourning.  Therefore, I hereby resolve to buy only clothes with color this year.

— 3 —

And while we’re on the subject of clothes, I discovered a hole in the armpit of a favorite sweater today. I’m still wearing it, just like I wear several other items of holey clothing.  Thus, I have come to understand that resolving to buy colored clothes this year is not enough.  I resolve to buy clothes.  And I resolve that they will be colorful.

— 4 —

I am a serial resigner on Words with Friends (ree-zign-ur, meaning one who resigns by failing to play for extended periods of time).  Ergo, I resolve to finish at least ONE Words with Friends game this year.

— 5 —

I resolve that – at least one time in 2014 – I will have my 7 QT Friday post written on Thursday night.

— 6 —

I resolve to get my email address removed from all (OK, most) of those junk email lists.  My inbox currently says that I have 7,188 unread messages, and this seems a bit excessive.

— 7 —

Last but not least, I resolve to go and have a blast playing at the waterpark with the kids and Ray this afternoon. We’ll ignore the snow and bitter cold outside, and pretend we’re in Cancun for a few hours!

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